24-bit_lutron_lighting control




  • Wireless high profile lighting control systems
  • Wired lighting control systems
  • Theatrical Lighting
  • Intelligent Lighting Systems



Our services include the design, engineering, and programming of lighting control systems for residential and commercial markets. Smart homes, residential full or partial lighting control deployments, corporate offices, retail and entertainment spaces, as well as buildings within the hospitality industry are on our radar. The installation services are also offered. Depending on the project size we may partner with preferred EC (Electrical Contractors) for this purpose.

The professional lighting world is a wider universe mixed with mechanical elements and deeply tied to the arts. Due to a long-time passion for stage lighting and some relevant project experiences, we choose to list it within our services. In this topic, we provide support to complementary or moderated deployments, and may also include truss systems. Permanent installation for theaters, churches, entertainment spaces, auditoriums, town halls, presentations venues, art galleries, and museums are to mention some of the applications we may get involved in.


24-bit intelligent lighting


24-bit intelligent lighting