Partnering with us sets you up in a winning position

24-bit partnering with us


24-BIT is actively looking for partnerships and is open to diverse ways to partner based on our portfolio and skills, focus on the goal of positioning our brand as a premium solution and service provider for the commercial AVL, smart homes, and related industries.

Why partnering with us?

We make available to our partners the most valuable of our capital: extensive experience across all the phases of the process of deployment high-tech systems, including pre-sale and post-sale stages, vast technical knowledge, commitment, and proven results. Without doubts, this set of “tools” adds value from different perspectives and is a secure path to success.

In partnership, we strongly believe in the fact that your success is our success and vice versa.

We do not approach a job as an occasional opportunity, even for one-time engagements, our projection is to perform to create a long term mutually beneficial business relationship.

We take ownership of our responsibilities providing peace of mind to partners and other involved parties.

Manufacturers, distributors, architects, designers, developers, general contractors, project managers, technology integrators, technology managers, and any company or individual involved in opportunities requiring solutions or services from our portfolio, are welcome, we want to work with you.

To start a conversation about how we can be successful together, please contact us.


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