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The world was already prepared for a big jump. The technological structure was already in place: high-speed internet, advanced audio-video devices, solid collaboration platforms, and more. The 2020 health crises just accelerated the process and confirmed the video conference and remote work as a valuable option beyond the so-far known advantages of saving on business trips. Big players like Boeing and Facebook are already considering relocate their facilities while reducing the investment in real state, powering the virtual work. This is the path for the immediate future of the workspaces.

How can we help you to jump or stay at the top in this already essential working digital environment?

24-BIT provides effective solutions for modern digital workspaces from simple deployments to the most demanding applications based on the most current trendings.

What’s a modern digital workspace?

Focus on improving productivity, a modern digital workspace usually refers to the typical digital deployment (computer, software, storage platforms) on work premises, now powered with advanced technology to support most effective ways of collaboration, meetings, and other ways to communicate, in local formats, or remote sessions. Environmental conditions in the workspace are also linked to productivity, so controlling parameters like room brightness, climate, adding features like performance monitoring and presence detection are factors defining a modern workspace as well.

Particularly in video conferences, the audio-video quality may determine success. In this type of practice, we are replacing the physical presence with a virtual presence, and any effort to try to narrow the gap is well rewarded.

The more difficult for the local audience to make out what the remote attendee is saying, the harder they have to work to stay focused, and this can quickly lead to listener fatigue, start feeling tired, their hearing can become less sensitive, and can even lead to discomfort and pain; potentially stop listening to the conversation. Similarly may happen with video.

It’s also fair to mention the impact of the audio-video quality on your brand and personal image when you are remotely meeting with a customer.

For corporate environments, the use of Unified Communications (UC) platforms is becoming a convenient option. This type of structure involves IT engineers on the customer’s side, and we are ready to work with them providing the audio-video solution that properly supports and boosts the requirements.

Based on our team members extensive experience designing, engineering, and developing modern workspaces, 24-BIT can provide solutions for the following applications:

  • Video collaboration systems for corporate offices
  • Combinable rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Video conference rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Townhall meeting rooms
  • Huddle rooms
  • Auditoriums

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