The spirit of home automation

home automation


As an already defined trend, the impact of home automation and smart homes will be even more in our daily life until becoming standard.

A home automation system may be simple or complex, but this should be transparent to the end-user: the homeowner. The key to a well-developed project is getting a final product easy to operate, and as near as possible to be smart or intelligent, this means to take its own decisions. The easier to operate, the more successful will be the project, even regardless of the dimension. Our home is a place to enjoy, relax and be comfortable, the developer should avoid any element that may add stress and complex operation routines that in consequence, instead of pointing to the goal stated before, turn the daily living into a heavy and tasteless experience.

This is the feeling of home automation, which is much more than the pleasure of purchase advanced technologies equipment or be able to spend a significant amount of money on it.

Today, typically a home automation system is a custom project where the homeowner widely interacts with the developer, this is a reason why small companies with outstanding customer support across the whole process are a perfect fit.

Integration is also an important trend and the home automation industry does not run out, it is one of the elements adding comfort and easy operation. Is amazing when you can access and control all the systems just from one device, and without a doubt may take your living experience to another dimension.

Reliability is another important word in this stage, so all effort from the developer to get a reliable system is always welcome. Reliability not necessarily has to be linked to specific brands. As in any industry, there is a leading group of manufacturers, but for a successful final, I would put more value in things like a proper design, a strong knowledge of the products, installation with quality materials, following industry best practices, and of course the programming focus on bringing out the most with the available resources.

When the job is well done, the need to go back to repair, replace, or make changes is significantly lower, but the support will always be a factor defining the success.