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How smart is your living space?

By Anonymous on Thu, 07/01/2021 - 13:28 in Smart Home

The world is in a race toward intelligent systems, hear or read words like “artificial intelligence”, “connected world” or “IoT” in a wide variety of media is already common. Homes are not out of this consolidated trend.


Why going smart?


Going smart considerably improve your lifestyle, help you to save energy, manage your resources more efficiently, and in consequence produce a positive environmental impact, just to mention a few among many aspects that set you up at the forefront of the 21st century.

We put the technology to work for you, not the reverse. There is a wide spectrum of control and automation elements we can deploy and integrate from scratch or upgrade to improve your living space. From a very basic system to full deployments, our scope involves control, integration, intelligent solutions, development of complex routines, and automation processes for topics like:


Windows treatment
Climate and environmental
Water heating
Pool systems
Access control
Irrigation systems control
Alarm systems
And more ...


But the most important and distinctive is that beyond this list, there is an open door to imagination and creativeness, you put the requirements, we build your system.


In our endeavor to provide the most current with a high grade of reliability, our smart packages also include complimentary systems like advanced home office deployments, with the signature of our long experience in corporate and other commercial projects.


Aware of the constant and fast evolution of the technology world, our designs are based not only on meeting today’s standards but on providing an expandable solution ready for the adoption of future new tech releases.


Contact us through the form below to learn more about how we can help you to build your smart space.


home automation


Home Entertainment


The very exciting world of entertainment at home is earning protagonism in modern living. Things like streaming a 4K movie and enjoy it on a big screen with vivid colors and captivating Dolby Atmos surround sound that makes you part of the plot, enjoying your preferred playlist while you are at the kitchen working on a new receipt or at the bathroom taking a shower, playing content beyond your mobile device screen or living the pleasure of hearing your favorite band with a natural sound as if they were performing in your living room are just a few experiences that without doubts positively impact your mood, energy, and quality of life.


Audio/Video is already an important part of our life and sometimes may require professional support to achieve goals or meet expectations. Here, at 24-BIT you are in the right hands. Our extensive expertise mostly in audio/video systems, let us perform at any level, from a simple distributed audio system to the most complex and demanding systems.


Overall, our goal is to provide outstanding entertainment experiences, and many times we make it possible at moderated investment cost.


The owner of an AV system frequently faces the disappointing fact of getting involved in complex and annoying steps to perform simple actions like play a song. Integrated and simplified operational routings are always part of our designs without compromising quality and reliability, being consequent with our goal to provide the best possible entertainment experience.


Are you planning an entertainment system for your home? or, Are you a music lover? Get in touch with us, we can bring to life your dream.




home automation