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Audio in residential projects


Audio is also a critical communication component in modern living and there is no better place to experience its benefits than home. Investing in a residential audio system improves your quality of life. Enough power, control over the volumes, soft and nice waves through the whole audible spectrum, spatial distribution, and a variety of uses, are just a few features that make a home audio system comfortable to listen to and enjoyable at new levels.



A full home audio deployment includes:


Whole Home Audio System (Distributed Audio)

Dedicated music room (Hi-Fi)

Entertainment room (home theater, media room)

Outdoor audio

Audio for dedicated video conferencing room


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Music is an essential part of modern living. Entertaining, creating environments and moods, meditation, healing, and deep sleep, are just some of the scenarios where music is a key player. You can enjoy music across different rooms of your home with the power of play your favorite playlists from the palm of your hand with an amazing and simple to use app.


What’s a whole-house audio system?


It is a residential audio deployment to provide homeowners who love music and enriched environments with the ability to play music from the preferred music streaming platforms across the house, having control of the volume levels individually by room, groups, or as a whole.


We provide the most advanced, reliable, and easy-to-use multiroom audio systems for wired or wireless installation, or a combination of both.


Our wide spectrum of audio products allows us to match a significant variety of environments, architectural and interior designing requirements, as well as owner’s preferences of use.




In terms of speakers, these are some of the solutions and styles we provide:


  • Ceiling speakers in a diverse range, from the most sophisticated ones through the simple ones for background music without sacrificing quality

  • In-wall, on-wall, and invisible speakers

  • Soundbars, yes! A soundbar as part of your multi-room audio system

  • In-wall, in-ceiling, or floor standing subwoofers for those with more demanding features

  • Bookshelf or tower speakers for HRA (high-resolution audio) lovers wanting to include a private music room in the whole-house system




Say goodbye to complicated routines, poor user interfaces, and uncomfortable remote controls.


Our systems are delivered with the most advanced and easy-to-use user interface letting the users enjoy not only their favorite music playlists but the system for itself at a new level.


  • Total control in the palm of your hand

  • Easily manage your system from any room

  • Adjust volumes accurately

  • Group speakers to play in sync

  • Smarter software to keep your system up to date

  • Advanced search tool

  • Support for high-resolution audio

  • Increased security



Room Selection Screen "Now Playing" screen
sonos app sonos app




  • You will be talking to real experts all the time

  • Extensive experience in construction processes

  • Highly skilled team

  • Customer-centric

  • Our philosophy is "quality over quantity"

  • Committed with the industry and our customers

  • Personalized experience

  • Current technology and high-quality products are our standards

  • We install proven-reliability systems

  • Supported by service plans

  • The most competitive rate

  • Flexibility to meet your budget




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