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24-bit is a term defining the length of a digital information word in processes associated with microprocessors, buses, registers, and more. In the audio world particularly, 24-bit is the bit depth or sample resolution used in most professional systems and the highest quality range of recordings and audio files. In our case, 24-BIT is a way to show our passion for high-performance technology and our commitment to provide our customers and partners with an exceptional experience during the process of developing and deploying advanced systems.


Founded on the experience of more than 20 years in the audio-video-lighting-control and related industries with deep knowledge of how the technology business works, supported by top professionals and leading partners within the industry, 24-BIT is a family-owned company focused on looking for opportunities and customers to develop a dynamic and smooth business relationship to become reality projects demanding specialized skills and custom specifications. We drive our effort in providing the most innovative solutions within our portfolio and the permanent search-development of complementary systems that power our offer.


24-BIT can provide services in different countries for residential and commercial markets.







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